Announce: SDLdoc-jp 1.2.3-rev01

I am very pleased to annouce the release of SDLdoc-jp 1.2.3-rev01,
the translation of SDL-1.2.3/doc/. This is the first release of
efforts on SDLdoc-jp project.

What’s SDLdoc-jp----------------

SDLdoc-jp is a translation of SDL Library Documentation (SDLdoc – into japanese.


Currently, you can grab the sources and converted html files from:



Procedure of translation

Since SDLdoc-jp overwrites the sources of original(SDLdoc) documents and
their hierarchy, they are mutually exclusive. For that reason, we
have a local CVS repository, importing original SDLdoc as a vendor branch.

When new version of SDL is released, we import SDLdoc to our
local repository again, and make the translation up-to-date
with merging mechanism of CVS.

Goal of SDLdoc-jp

  1. Tracking original documents.

Try to release the translated version within 2 weeks
of major release of SDL.

  1. Co-research for SDLdoc-i18n (not l10n). (?)

We wish to get outputs in any languages with

% ./configure --with-languages=en,jp,... 

or so.

  1. Commit all source files to SDLdoc project and dissolve our local


Member of SDLdoc-jp project:

Tomotaka Ogino (logion at
HASHIMOTO Takuya (hasimoto at
Tsuyoshi Iguchi (@Tsuyoshi_Iguchi)

and folks on SDL-fan-jp mainling list.

Tsuyoshi Iguchi (@Tsuyoshi_Iguchi)