[announce] SDLSee 0.1.4

SDLSee is a VERY lightweight image viewer and browser, featuring image
preloading, intelligent auto-resizing, optional support for the mentally
and/or motory impaired and more.

After “only” 15 months from the last reported activity, here come new
versions for SDLSee-related packages. A lot of critical bugfixes have
been applied.

System-indipendent sources, linux binaries and Gentoo Linux ebuilds are
available on my website:

I really don’t read the mailing list, so please CC any comments or
questions to @CRUSADER_KY

SDLSee 0.1.4 Changelog**********************

  • updated to navfs-0.1.5
  • now program quits correctly if no images are found in a directory
  • fixed support for files bigger than 2GB
  • replaced bzero() with memset() for POSIX compliancy
  • renamed poll() to event_poll() to avoid replacement of standard
    function (bug arose when updating to x.org 7.0)
  • redirected debug output to stderr
  • noresize-min now defaults to 0.98 instead of 0.90
    (i.e. if you’ve got a 1280x1024 monitor, the largest image that
    won’t be automatically resized to fit will be 1306x1045)

navfs 0.1.5 Changelog

  • Removed dependency from vartypes.h
  • Fixed support for files bigger than 2GB
  • Fixed segmentation fault in navfs_ls
  • Fixed infinite loop in navfs_ls(LS_SORTED) when opening
    directories containing no files or only subdirectories
  • removed option LS_64 (now automatically active)
  • Windows version is now reentrant too (NEEDS TESTING)
  • API and ABI compatibility with version 0.1.4 has been broken

Guido Imperiale

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