ANNOUNCE: Tux Typing 0.8 Released!

After much toiling, trials, and tribulation, we are pleased to announce the
release of Tux Typing, version 0.8!

Note this is a semi-major release, because Tux Typing is now “feature complete”
(meaning we’ve finished all the features we originally intended to have in the
game :wink:

Changes from the 0.7 release:
* Fixed several menu glitches
* Fixed menu performance problems (hopefully :wink:
* Fixed Title Screen clipping bug
* Fixed gameplay overclipping bug
* Added Word Cascade Tutorial (still buggy :confused: )
* Minor makefile tweak to fix “hidden option” bug
* Other misc bugfixes and code-cleanup

Tux Typing homepage:

(Please note that we are also currently in the process of revamping our parent
site, so excuse any broken links, or other mess until we finish ;-)–
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