ANNOUNCE: Tux Typing 1.0.3!

Tux4Kids ( is pleased to announce the latest
version of Tux Typing (stable), 1.0.3! Tux Typing is an "edutainment"
typing tutor game starring Tux, the Linux Penguin.

You can find the latest Tux Typing for your platform of choice at the
Tux Typing download page:

Tux Typing homepage:

This release follows so closely on the heels of 1.0.2 because in the 2-3
weeks since then, we’ve had some awesome patches applied and it warrants
another release. Here’s the changes:

    * Smoothscroll patch applied (for those who don't know, this
            drastically cuts down on memory usage in game, as well
            as minorly boosts performance)
    * rand() bugfix (thx to Jesse Andrews)
    * wordfile bugfix (now it's 200 words /per/ file, instead
            of 200 words total. If you haven't tried this in CVS
            yet, download this release, because there are words
            in these word files you've never seen before! ;-)-- 

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