Announcing BoyCott Advance/SDL 0.2.6 Release 2

Hi All!

I’m happy to announce that the free Nintendo Gameboy Advance
emulator BoyCott Advance/SDL was updated to version 0.2.6 R2
and is available for download.

A lot was fixed/implented/enhanced but here’s a snip of
what’s implented in this release :

  • New WIN32 installer based upon NullSoft’s NSIS [WIN32];
  • Changed GCC compiler sweet on WIN32 from Cygwin to MingW32 [WIN32];
  • Fixed emulator not being initilized through configfile
    when dropping ROM on .EXE [WIN32];
  • Fixed timer (FPS, stability, etc) on WIN32 version [WIN32];
  • Restructured config file and commandline switches [SDLemu Generic];
  • Commandline switches overrule configfile [SDLemu Generic];
  • Additional bugs solving, tweaks and cleanups [SDLemu Generic];
  • Fixed Quit-crash when using OpenGL/YUV Overlay and Sound [SDLemu
  • Redone YUV Overlay rendering [SDLemu Generic];
  • Fixed and Optimised GL_QUAD rendering [SDLemu Generic];
  • Added OpenGL blurring and Alpha Blending effect (selectable!)
    to OpenGL renderer [SDLemu Generic];
  • Added TV-Mode and Dot-Matrix interlaced filters to OpenGL renderer
    using SDL_OPENGLBLIT hack [SDLemu Generic];
  • Added Motion Blur filter to SDL software-renderer, curtousy of
    Forgotten [SDLemu Generic];
  • Added CTRL, ALT, SPACE, ETC keys for movement use [SDLemu Generic];

Versions are available for WIN32, Linux (debian-sdl and custom-sdl) and
Versions for FreeBSD and NetBSD should follow shortly. Again, no sources
are available at this point.

The downloads can be found at :


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