Announcing BoyCott Advance/SDL 0.24b Release 1

Hi all!

I’m happy to announce that the free Nintendo Gameboy Advance
emulator BoyCott Advance/SDL was updated to version 0.24b R1
and is available for download.

Changes/Enhancements/Fixes include :

  • Insync with BoyCott Advance 0.24b (=0.23b + additional patches)
    emulation core;
  • Implented OpenGL rendering (scaling/fullscreen);
  • Implented YUV 1:2 overlay rendering (scaling);
  • Implented configuration file;
  • Joystick/Keyboard configuration (through configfile);
  • Redone soundsupport, sound is now about the same quality as
    the official WIN32 release;
  • Several optmisations and bugfixes;

Versions exists for BeOS Release 5, FreeBSD 4.4, Redhat Linux
7.0 (glibc22) and Win32 (Intel i386) platforms. A Debian 2.2 R4
binary will come available soon to solve depencies issues. At the
current state NO source is available because of the original
author’s wishes.

You can grab a copy at

Again, thanks for #sdl and the SDL mailinglist for giving me
information and help I needed for several things (especially
OpenGL support). NeoPocott/SDL and Handy/SDL will be updated
soon with the latest additions in this version.


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