Announcing BoyCott Advance/SDL v0.2.8 Release 1

Hi all!

I’m happy to announce that the free Nintendo Gameboy Advance
emulator BoyCott Advance/SDL was updated to version v0.2.8 R1
and is available for download.

Changes/Enhancements/Fixes include :

  • Completely insync with BoyCott Advance v0.2.8;
  • Incorperated the new sdlemu library;
  • BoyCott Advance sdl-core is completely rewritten for use of the new sdlemu
  • Many bugfixes and code enhancements (somewhat speedier);
  • Optimized OpenGL and SDL rendering options;
  • And many changes which are infact to many to note!;

Versions exist for BeOS R5, Linux i386 (RH7 with SDL 1.2.5 from source) and
WIN32/DirectX. Please e-mail me if the binary ditribution, especially Linux,
work on your system. Please e-mail me your system/platform/os.

You can grab a copy at

The core from the emulator itself is closedsource. However, other portions
importantly the SDL code) will be released shortly under the name : sdlemu
I hope that the SDL code will help other people :slight_smile:

An announcement will soon be made available about the sdlemu library.


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