Announcing Crimson Fields 0.4.1

Hi all,

Crimson Fields 0.4.1 has been released. The release fixes a number
of problems with the recent 0.4.0 revision, in particular

  • a crash when switching maps in campaign games

  • the progress bar in replays not being updated

  • not being able to abort replays

  • an (old) issue where the path finder sometimes blocked access to
    more hexes than it should

  • getting stuck when loading an e-mail game without knowing the
    password. You are now taken back to the main menu after three
    unsuccessful attempts.

Crimson Fields is a turn-based wargame similar to Battle Isle
for one or two players. All major platforms (and a few minor
ones) are supported.

For more information, screenshots, a mailing list, and downloads

Have fun,
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Hi there.

I am planning to build a static lib with some
I would like to know how I can build a c/C++ file as
a lib and how I can use it lately.
I am using Fedora Core 1 and g++.

thanks in advance for any help / or info.

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