Announcing gltron 0.59 beta / please test this


This is the first public gltron release using SDL-1.1. I’m going to announce
this on freshmeat and tomorrow, so I would be glad if
some of you could try this (hey, it’s still under 1 MB :slight_smile: and check
if there are no show stoppers (and probably drop me a line that it works).

For more infos on the game see

It’s currently linux only. The win32 version has badly broken textures (don’t
know why). This game uses OpenGL and really wants a 3d card (Voodoo1/G200/Rage
Pro will do fine already).

  • Andreas–
    Probably one of the smallest 3D-Games in the world:
    More than 60’000 Downloads of the latest version (0.53)