Announcing Heroes 0.6

I am pleased to announce the release of Heroes v0.6.

Heroes is similar to the “Tron” and “Nibbles” games of yore, but
includes many graphical improvements and new game features.
It features 12 original soundtracks, 94 levels (in 10 different
tilesets). There are five game modes like Quest (the classical
Nibbles), or Kill’em all (run over lemmings). This is a port to Unix
of the DOS version.

You are invited to follow these links:

download :
screen shots :
public cvs :
changes :

This version has been split in four packages, with different
version numbering and release schedules, because only the
source code is modified often.

heroes-0.6.tar.gz required - source code
heroes-data-1.0.tar.gz required - levels and pictures
heroes-sound-tracks-1.0.tar.gz optional - musics
heroes-sound-effects-1.0.tar.gz optional - sound effects

NEWS in this version include:

  • SDL_mixer support (as an alternative for LibMikMod)
  • -2 and -3 options to stretch the display size
  • improved portability
  • … and a lot more, follow the `changes’ link for other changes.

The `Heroes’ project started as a port of the DOS game to Linux/i386,
but has now been ported to Solaris by Mattias Engdeg?rd, to FreeBSD by
Maxim Sobolev, and to Mingw32 by me. Build reports for other
architectures are welcome.

Binary packages may not yet be available when your read this
annoucement (this is only a source-code release), however here
are the locations where your are likely to find them.

Linux/i386 - Debian:
Linux/i386 - RPM:
Windows - MinGW32:
Alexandre Duret-Lutz