Announcing SDL 0.8c

Available at the usual place:

This release fixes a serious bug in the cursor handling which
can crash SDL programs when the display surface is in hardware,
i.e. fullscreen. This is fixed, but was particularly nasty on
Linux, where there is no way to get back to X without a reset.
- Please upgrade to this version of SDL immediately!

Other news…
0.8c features an improved and simplified audio API.
The documentation hasn’t been updated, but the headers are fine.

Basically, the audio locking functions have been removed, so
you need to create your own lock mutex if you want it, and the
audio chunk queueing kludges were removed for simplicity.

Also, you can now specify an arbitrary audio format, and have
SDL convert on-the-fly to the hardware audio format.  This is
optional, as always, so you can convert your own audio chunks
using either your own optimized converters or new SDL audio
conversion functions.

SDL DOOM! has been updated for the new sound API, and has the volume
problem fixed! :slight_smile:
It is temporarily available at:

-Sam Lantinga (slouken at–
Author of Simple DirectMedia Layer -