Announcing SDL 1.1.4

It’s here!
The newest version of SDL, version 1.1.4 is available for download:

New in this release:

  • Command-click is interpreted as right click on MacOS
  • Updated to libtool 1.3.5 and latest config.guess
  • testgl now works on 8-bit displays under X11
  • SDL_WINDOWID hack now works with OpenGL on Linux
  • Fixed default GL driver loading on Win32
  • Implemented fullscreen toggle on BeOS (thanks David)
  • Implemented resizable windows on BeOS (thanks David)
  • No longer use DirectDraw with OpenGL modes on Win32
  • Added support for 320x200x8 in SVGAlib (thanks Michele)
  • Fixed crashing bug in Win32 semaphores (thanks Markus)
  • Added support for (slow) blitting with GL (thanks Daniel Vogel)
  • Fixed pthread condition variable timeout
    Plus many other minor fixes and improvements.

The following new features are in the works for 1.1.5:

  • Remove unused source clipping overhead
  • Flip the semantics of alpha to match OpenGL
  • Add SDL_RLEACCEL support to alpha blitting
  • Cross-compile Win32 DLL from Linux

See ya!
-Sam Lantinga, Lead Programmer, Loki Entertainment Software