Announcing SDL 1.2.3

Announcing the latest stable release of Simple DirectMedia Layer!

SDL 1.2.3 is now available from:

There have been many bug fixes and improvements in this release, but
here are some of the highlights:

  • Lots and lots of improvements to MacOS X support (thanks Max and Darrell!)
  • Added X11 Xinerama support - fullscreen starts on screen 0
  • Added platform independent OpenGL header - SDL_opengl.h
  • Fixed flashing the screen when creating a window on BeOS
  • Added double-buffering support for SVGAlib (thanks Kutak!)
  • Fixed crash when using double-buffering with DGA
  • Fixed resuming a paused CD on Win2K (thanks Aragorn)
  • Improved MacOS international keyboard handling (thanks Max!)
  • Added support for the GNU Pth thread lib (thanks Mandin!)
  • Added the Undo key for the Atari keyboard (thanks Mandin!)
  • Fixed XVideo on GeForce by using last available adaptor
  • Added CD-ROM support for BSD/OS (thanks Steven!)
  • Added library version information to the Windows DLL
  • Added initial support for EPOC/Symbian OS (thanks Hannu!)
  • Added a joystick driver for MacOS X (thanks Max!)
  • Improved MacOS X international keyboard handling
  • Added support for DirectFB video on Linux (thanks Denis!)
  • Fixed IDE and SCSI CD-ROM detection on BeOS (thanks Caz!)
  • Fixed the system dependent SDL_WINDOWID hack on Windows
  • Added 640x480 as a scaled resolution for NTSC/PAL output
  • Added support for TV output on the Linux PlayStation Beta
  • Added initial NVidia acceleration on framebuffer console
  • Fixed audio format selection for OpenBSD (thanks Peter!)

Many thanks to everybody who contributed to this release! :slight_smile:

-Sam Lantinga, Software Engineer, Blizzard Entertainment_______________________________________________
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