Announcing SDL_gui 0.9.2

SDL_gui is a C library that runs on top of SDL to provide (slightly)
higher level interface. It provides “widgets” in the form of C
structures which are allocated via functions calls (much like GTK).
The widgets are reference counted, and fit into a GUI system which
includes: (for now) a Button, a Label, a Container, a Screen,
two types of fonts (TTF and bitmapped), and SDL surfaces.

The GUI system handles event dispatching, and drawing of widgets in
a hierarchy. The application can also mix in it’s own access to the
screen, so the GUI can be used within a game, for instance.

SDL_gui is LGPL’d, and is available at:

CHANGES since 0.9.1:

  • fixed setting of button images.
  • added a pointer to a function that will free the data field
    in a callback when the callback is freed.
  • added a function to set the background image in a panel
  • added two debug flags for screen blits
  • fixed cardstack and panel background drawing
  • added a function to get the number of widgets in a container
  • check to see if screen was actually created. the GUI_Init function
    can now fail and return -1.
  • changed the screen update routines to add the new debug flags.
  • Added a function reference to the docs.
  • Added a python binding.
  • Added a CardStack widget
  • Updated the uitest app to use CardStack