Announcing SMPEG 0.4.3

Announcing the latest version of SMPEG, the MPEG-1 playback library
by Loki Software, Inc.

This announcement is particularly relevant to SDL developers, because
I included binary packages for Windows and BeOS on the Loki FTP site.

New in this version, 0.4.3:

  • Updated for Simple DirectMedia Layer version 1.2.0
  • Fixed crash in gtv when doubling the video on Windows
  • Fixed audio stream detection in non-standard MPEG streams
  • Fixed hang on rewind when stream header contains no timestamp
  • SMPEG now uses the SDL_RWops file abstraction internally
  • Fixed bug where the audio was not updating the current time
  • Added some changes for the popcorn MPEG library
  • Ported to MacOS X - it’s still unusably slow, but it works! :slight_smile:
  • Fixed a hang playing invalid MPEG files
  • Fixed memory leak when used with OpenAL
  • Changes to compile correctly on QNX RTP
  • Fixed SMPEG_renderFinal() to a different display surface
  • Fixed plaympeg fullscreen toggling for multiple videos
  • Fixed MPEGSystem::TotalTime() hanging on small files
  • Fixed system header decoding (caused misdetection of system streams)
  • Added bilinear filter toggling with the ‘f’ key in plaympeg
  • Use the correct SDL configuration script on FreeBSD

-Sam Lantinga, Lead Programmer, Loki Entertainment Software