Anouncing LsdlDoom


maybe we could join our forces. I have coded Pr/GlBoom and just ported
it to SDL. It has full Boom and most MBF features. It’s based on Boom.
Currently it runs under DOS (without SDL) and Windows 95/98/2000/NT.
You can find it under (minimal website!).
If you are interested, just mail me.


Florian ‘Proff’ Schulze - @Florian_Schulze
Member: TeamTNT -
Homepage: -
ICQ#: - 40510245


LsdlDoom is a version of the 3D shoot’em’up Doom, originally by iD
software. It is based on LxDoom (
and includes all of its features such as network and joystick support
as well as some new ones. Its goal is to support all platforms SDL

supports and is currently tested on Linux, Solaris and
Windows. (if you use it on any other platform please email me at

Change Log

  • Changes v1.4.4.3 to v1.4.4.4
  • Fixed x86 assembly to compile on non elf targets

  • Fixed segfault with demo’s and netgames

  • Fixed autoconf check and link order for SDL_mixer

  • Mattias Engdeg?rd fixed the following so it will now compile on a
    - must link with -lm
    - fixed a bus error in r_data.c
    He also submited the following improvements
    - now searches the directory where it’s supposed to be installed

        for WADs
      - tries 8bpp first, then falls back on the default depth instead
        of doing it backwards (gives 4x faster blit speed under Sun


URL: mirror:

I am still looking for people to test and/or compile it on MacOS, BeOS
and other OS’s, please email me your results (@Jess)

Jess Haas