App events on iOS

I found some weirdness regarding app events while testing SDL2 on iOS. My main function looks something like:

int main(int argc, char *args[]) {
  // init stuff ...
  return 0;

The call to SDL_iOSSetEventPump shouldn’t be needed, I think? However, it doesn’t matter. My event filter function is being called, just as it should, but I don’t get any of the app events (SDL_APP_WILLENTERBACKGROUND etc).

I traced the problem and found this in SDL_uikitappdelegate.m, postFinishLaunch:

exit_status = forward_main(forward_argc, forward_argv);

Maybe that piece of code should respect the set value? I can of course get around it by calling SDL_iOSSetEventPump(SDL_TRUE) once in my animation callback.