Arianne released

Arianne released

I told that the 0.3.9 version where going to be the last of this
development but due to some problems with the license type of Roxie
and also because of the collaboration of Mike with a new graphics.


  • Now can be run from Outside the terminal
  • New tile set by Mike

Also I found that BeOS users hate the terminal, so I reparied this
to be able to run from Tracker. Also it run now from the KDE or GNOME
file managers.

Under Windows there is no problem because it do a chdir before
executing the app. ( some waves for Bill :wink: )

We are also looking for C/C++ developers, graphics designer and a
crystal space developer for Arianne 1.0.0 .
You don’t need experience only some free time to spare in Arianne.

Miguel Angel Blanch Lardin

Lead programmer of Arianne