Aspect ratio window constraints API?

I believe this is similar, though a little different than the
SDL_RenderSetLogicalSize letterboxing behavior, and my proposal/patch
to introduce an “overscan” variation which I would also like to be

I personally think the LogicalSize stuff is more useful, because in
the case of fullscreen_window mode where you are no longer controlling
the dimensions of the window (or mobile devices), you still want a
mechanism to deal with aspect ratio. However, I also see that the
window approach you have could potentially be useful too.

-EricOn 4/5/15, Paul Wise wrote:

Hi all,

Any opinions on this proposed aspect ratio window constraints API?
Who should I talk to about getting a design decision and merging?


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I think these are for two completely different purposes. The SDL_Renderer
is only for drawing which not all applications will use.

I do think there needs to be some kind of scaling and aspect ratio support
and it should also work when in fullscreen if possible.