Audio/video streamming

hi list

I’m trying to implement a sound streaming app, right now I’m using
icecast and libshout to make the sound stream, the problem is that I
have to open the ogg or mp3 file in order to read from it and
broadcast it, now I need to get the sound out of a smpeg layer 1 file
(a video), I’m using sdl mpeg (smpeg) library to play the video, (I
don’t need to broadcast the video, only the audio), how can I get the
audio out of the mpeg layer1 file and put it into the stream?

As smpeg has audio support I wonder if it’s possible to asign a device
or something like a buffer so I can set the sdl sound env to that device
and read from it to make the broadcast?

any ideas suggestions or whatever will be appreciated…

Thanx for you time