Automated rotation of image

Hi all,

I’m trying to get SDL work on a Linux framebuffer on
my embedded system.

I managed to port video part without changes but I
have a question. In some systems I have, the screen is
rotated 90 degrees counterclockwize. This is a HW
"feature", I can not do anything about that. So all
surfaces blitted by SDL to real HW surface, should be
rotated 90 degrees.

How can I implement such rotation? Is there any
centralised blitting place I can hack into? Or maybe
such filter is already implmented? Is this enough to
hack into SDL_SoftBlit()? How can I distinguish there
whether the surface is HW or not? I need to keep
normal blitting for non-HW surfaces


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I’ve come across it in GAPI driver for Pocket PC. So you can look into it.
There are several types of video memory and I’d like to get a screen
rotation feature as well. Two combined features.
It was done while blitting on the screen, optimized as much as possible,
to keep fps high.

So look into GAPI video driver.
You can modify your driver or rotate the screen just before blitting.

Best Regards,
Dmitry Yakimov