Autotools NextGeneration (Cross-compiling issue)

autoconf-2.50 is out today.

automake-1.4f is out by last sunday.

The new automake should be ready to handle the needs
of libtool-1.4. Automake and libtool are recommended to
be updated at the same time. Updates to new autoconf
generation is just recommended, it’s more featureful
and it has some bits to increase portability. It doesn’t
look like there’s going to be a libtool update RSN, just
micro bugs there (that is, no showstoppers to be seen.).
Libtool supports quite some targets more than before.

I tried to use the new libtool last week and it didn’t work very well
for me. It didn’t even build a correct archive on Linux with the
default configuration - there were missing quotes in ltconfig.
It then took me about three hours of work to get it to cross-compile a
DLL to Windows, and then some things were missing. Like I said then, if
somebody wants to spend the three days or so that it will take to get
it working on Linux, Windows native with Mingw32, Windows cross with
Mingw32, Windows native with Cygwin, BeOS, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, and MacOS X,
then I’ll be happy to accept the TESTED patches. :slight_smile:

See ya!
-Sam Lantinga, Lead Programmer, Loki Software, Inc.