Avoid screen dim when switching to full screen

Hello everybody,

I use SDL on macosx and when I switch to full screen (OpenGL
Surface), my other monitors dim.

I don’t really know if it is a macosx CF “feature” or if SDL can
control it.

Anyway I don’t have any windows computer with more than one monitor
to test, so I don’t know if it also dim other screen on windows.

We want to give the opportunity to the player of our game to be able
to use other monitor if he wish to.

I would be very interested in any info concerning the fullscreen mode
and how SDL handle it. (Maybe screen are dimed because window manager
is put to sleep, that’s all the details I wish to know)

If SDL has nothing to do in managing the full screen process, I will
ask on a macosx dev list, but if anybody has any idea, they are welcome.

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