Back to the Future - Re: RLEACCEL and timing

Sorry about that - I had wiped the cmos in diagnosing a problem and I
forgot to reset the date. I have a feeling we’re way beyond 1998…

Here’s the message I sent, only this time it’s in the year 2000 :)----------------------------------------------

Could you point me to examples that do this. My own attempts at creating
a surface off-screen to blit too failed. Well, either they failed, or
moving them back into the screen failed (I didn’t get an error message
so perhaps the blit was successful)…


Lutz Sammer wrote:

Rainer Loritz wrote:


Thanks for the competent answer. I haven’t tried it out so far, because
I’m busy with my project. Either I abandon using RLEACCEL or I try it
with your Lock/Unlock trick. I don’t know yet.

Anyway, if the first blit is over, the speed increase is really amazing.
Unfortunately, there’s this bad first one…

Than blit everything in a non visible surface! Than you don’t have in game


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