Bad Experience with Winsyn version of Synaesthesia

First of all, I will describe my computer. It is a 233mhz Pentium-2,
64megs Ram, 2MB Video, Win95.

Last night I was trying out the Winsyn version of
Synaesthesia. I had used it before, but not in the full screen
option. I launched Winsyn, and then inserted a CD in my CD-Rom. When
the music started, I hit alt+enter, to enter the fullscreen option.
My monitor went to black, nothing was display, and it was completely
locked up. The ESC key, or even cntl-alt-delete would do nothing. I
eventually powered down the computer, and rebooted. When I did this,
my desktop would not start up. All I had was a wavy colored screen,
and my mouse and keyboard would not work. The computer and windows
started fine, but when it reached the point for the desktop to appear,
nothing but a fuzzy scheme of colors on my monitor.

I was definitely in a panic stage, because I rebooted, by shutting
down the power several times, since the keyboard and mouse would not
work from a normal restart. I eventually got my computer into Safe
Mode, checked my video drivers, which were fine, and set my color
pallette back to 24bit true color, and my pixels to 800x600. They had
been thrown WAY out of whack by the freezeup. The safe mode did show
my desktop, so I figured I was making progress.

Next, I exited safe mode, started win95, and my desk top came up fine.
My desk top icons were totally rearranged, but that was fine
considering, if that had not worked, I was going to have to make a
service call to the computer manufacturer.

I am scared to death to ever launch Winsyn again, in full screen mode,
because of what happened, and the hours it took to get my computer
back to a normal state. I hope this information helps you with your
product, and anybody else that has this happen to them. Please respond
on what the problem might have been.

Also, your documentation says, Synaesthesia, also works with MP3
playback. I cannot understand how this can be, since it functions as
a CD player, to create its visual effects. Please explain, Thank you,
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