Best way to zoom in a Scene


I would like to try to add zoom in my 2D engine without to have to manually zoom every entity, texture, tileset etc. I have a system camera but every time I tried to add some zoom function it was anoying.

So I wanted to know if it’s acceptable to have something like that and how would it work with all the “render target” function ?

I’m not really meanfull so I made a little schema.

I don’t know if it’s a nice idea for performance or if it can cause other probleme, but any help, suggestion and idea would be appreciated.

Thank’s a lot

Edit : I have experienced with texture but I can’t resize texture (to match the size of the window).
Ok so when I zoom out the texture became so big that it seem to freeze my computer (width_window * (1/zoom))

For information : (It’s just for doing easly my gamejam, it’s really little and buggy. And it help me to learn a lot in C, SDL, Github, Visual Studio, Doing bigger project etc …)