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Mike Powell wrote:

unsubscribe sdl

Lioult, basically every mailing list out there has a majordomo
address you send list management commands to. You never send such
commands to the list itself, on any list. The majordomo address for
this list is . It told you that in the
initial subscription message, if you read it.

Yes, I’ve read it (twice)… Shame on me !

Might it be possible to setup some automatic filter/response for
messages like this? Just as a safety measure, to avoid the violent
and irrational bursts of “RTFM” I might end up throwing their way if
I see many more of these? I see them coming through regularly on
every sizable mailing list I’ve ever joined.

Yes, it will be a good thing, the world is plenty of novices and the TFM
is a very weak protection against them. Everything should be automatized

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