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Hello SDL users!

I’ve been using SDL for about two weeks. I’ve just started to make a fairly
complex space game (which also uses the “SGE” and a few other libraries),
but as I have a background in C this isn’t much of a problem. My problem is

The gaming engine uses a simple task scheduler I wrote. This executes the
task “MeleeTASK_Refresh(void)” every 5ms. The refresh task code is:
void MeleeTASK_Refresh(void)


SDL_FillRect(MeleeArea, &SpaceBounds, SDL_MapRGB(MeleeArea->format, 0, 0,
0)); // Draw black game background

for (char Player=0; Player <= 1; Player++) Melee_DrawPlayer(Player);

Images_DrawImage(MeleeArea, screen, 0, 0, 255, 1, 255); // Draw the melee
area to the screen

CheckEvents(); // Process pending system events

Screen_Refresh(); // Refresh the screen


This is simple. The task first redraws black over the entire MeleeArea
surface, before drawing both players onto it (via the "Melee_DrawPlayer"
routine) and then blitting that onto the screen. The DrawPlayer routine is
void Melee_DrawPlayer(char Player)


int CenterX = (Players[Player].MeleeShipPic->w / 2);

int CenterY = (Players[Player].MeleeShipPic->h / 2);

sge_FilledRect(Players[Player].MeleeShipPicRot, 0, 0,
Players[Player].MeleeShipPicRot->w, Players[Player].MeleeShipPicRot->h, 0);

sge_transform(Players[Player].MeleeShipPic, Players[Player].MeleeShipPicRot,
(float)Players[Player].sr, (float)Melee_Zoom, (float)Melee_Zoom, CenterX,
CenterY, (Players[Player].MeleeShipPicRot->w / 2),
(Players[Player].MeleeShipPicRot->h / 2), 0);

Images_DrawImage(Players[Player].MeleeShipPicRot, MeleeArea,
(int)(Players[Player].sx - CenterX), (int)(Players[Player].sy - CenterY),
255, 0, 255);


This routine will rotate the each player’s ship picture and blit it onto the
MeleeArea surface. In case you’re wondering, i’ve initialised the screen
char Init_Screen(void) // Initialise the SDL screen routines


screen = SDL_SetVideoMode(800, 600, 16, SDL_HWSURFACE|SDL_DOUBLEBUF); //
Setup default 640x480 screen

if (screen == NULL) // Initalisation error


printf(“Unable to set 800x600 16 bit video: %s\n”, SDL_GetError()); // Show

return 1; // Return error flag to calling routine


// Set the screenbounds rect to the dimensions of the screen

SETRECT(screenbounds, 0, 0, screen->w, screen->h)


screenmasks.RMask = 0xff000000;

screenmasks.GMask = 0x00ff0000;

screenmasks.BMask = 0x0000ff00;

screenmasks.AMask = 0x000000ff;


screenmasks.RMask = 0x000000ff;

screenmasks.GMask = 0x0000ff00;

screenmasks.BMask = 0x00ff0000;

screenmasks.AMask = 0xff000000;


return 0; // Return no error to the calling routine


The blit routine is thus:
void Images_DrawImage(SDL_Surface *image, SDL_Surface *dest, int x, int y,
unsigned char MaskR, unsigned char MaskB, unsigned char MaskG)


SDL_Rect destbounds; // New rect structure

if (image == NULL) // Check for invalid source pointer


printf(“Invalid DrawImage image pointer!\n”);



if (dest == NULL) // Check for invalid destination pointer


printf(“Invalid DrawImage dest pointer!\n”);



// Fill the rect structure:

SETRECT(destbounds, x, y, image->w, image->h)

SDL_SetColorKey(image, SDL_SRCCOLORKEY, SDL_MapRGB(image->format, MaskR,
MaskB, MaskG)); // Set transparency colour

SDL_BlitSurface(image, NULL, screen, &destbounds); // Blit the image onto
the screen


And the “MeleeArea” surface is initialised thus:

MeleeArea = SDL_CreateRGBSurface(SDL_SWSURFACE, SpaceBounds.w,
SpaceBounds.h, 32, screenmasks.RMask, screenmasks.BMask, screenmasks.GMask,
screenmasks.AMask); // Set up the Melee Area surface

Now, the problem. I can’t see anything on the Melee part of the screen. All
works fine if I skip the MeleeArea surface and draw directly onto my
"screen" surface. I can use the SGE blit, which semi works (transparency is
dodgy) but that’s too slow and I want to figure this out. I tested that the
surface is being drawn correctly by using SDL and SGE line/box/circle
routines. It seems that the surface only shows graphics if they are draw
from the SDL/SGE libraries, but not blitted from another surface. This is a
mystery to me. I’ve tried every combination I can think of and all the other
routines work correctly in every other situation. I can email directly my
entire source code thus far if anyone requires it.

For those playing at home, my stats are:
Windows XP @ 700MHz
Latest SDL and SGE libraries

Can anyone shed some light on this mystery?

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Feel free to answer my problem, anybody ;).

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