BomberClone, Need Some Beta Tester

Hi people,

i need some beta tester for my bomberclone game… because i am now in
a state where the basic playing over the network is working.
Unfortunaly i have no documentation for the game.

It’s a bomberman clone with network support. (right now Single Mode is
useless because i have no AI)

You can find the game on This game is for
Linux and Windows. And for people who want to work on it there is even
a source code.

I hope some people will try it out…
i would even like to know if someone can get some more people to try
it with more as just 4 players.

bye bye…

Steffen Pohle (@Steffen_Pohle)
JabberID: stpohle at
ICQ: 370965 Yahoo: stpohle
MSN: stpohle at