Bug(?) in solaris configure

I hit a problem compiling for solaris sparc vs x86.

I have used the identical configure lines on both:

./configure --prefix=/opt/csw --disable-dga --disable-video-x11-xv
–disable-video-x11-xinerama --disable-video-x11-dga --disable-video-x11-vm

I was trying to avoid all possible xfree86 hacks, so as to provide
identical behaviour on both.

However… the x86 compiled library has problems.

It has the following types of unsatisfied function definitions:

[1761] | 0| 0|NOTY |GLOB |0 |UNDEF |ConvertMMX
[1948] | 0| 0|NOTY |GLOB |0 |UNDEF |ConvertX86p16_16BGR555
[1707] | 0| 0|NOTY |GLOB |0 |UNDEF |Hermes_X86_CPU
[1490] | 0| 0|NOTY |GLOB |0 |UNDEF |SDL_XF86VidModeGetAllMode

There are more, but they are all of the same type of prefixes.

Since I dont see any more enable/disable flags for configure, I’m
guessing that there are some nasty hardcoded
#if (arch==i386)
/* assume xfree86 */

type defines in the code somewheres.

Please either fix these erroneous assumptions, or tell me a better set
of configure flags that I can use.