[BUG] sound initialization error

[Please Cc: 137751 at bugs.debian.org for replies so Debian’s BTS sees them]

A few people are experiencing some problems with sound initialization in
SDL 1.2.4 using the Debian Linux packages. The only patch I’ve applied
to these which can affect sound at all is the patch from 1.2.5cvs to use
ALSA 0.9. I can’t speculate as to the cause of the problem.

The Debian BTS page for this bug: http://bugs.debian.org/137751

Sam, it looks like you’ve played with some of the SDL sound code since
1.2.4 was released, besides the ALSA 0.9 support. Do you happen to recall
what for? =) It looks like it was just Atari updates, but I haven’t gone
and checked out all the drivers yet.–
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