Bug, when calling SDL_Quit, more or less


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I have a problem with SDL 1.2.2 and also 1.2.3. I take the OpenGL
example (testgl) and include it in my application (a model editor, when
a button is clicked it launches the example ) and it crashes when
closing it (pressing Escape in the example window). The stand-alone
example works perfectly in all modes ()window and fullscreen), but
including it in my application whithout modifying it seems to make it
crash. The application doesn’t use SDL (apart of the embedded example )
but it uses Opengl through GTK (a widget toolkit). Maybe the problem is
having contexts allocated from GTK and from SDL at the same time.

The crash is not exactly a crash. It simply disrupts the display.
Everything keeps working but the XServer shows a black-dirty screen, and
its not possible to go back to terminal mode. My system is a P4 with
Geforce 3 on Linux Debian 3.0, i use the NVIDIA drivers, from their site.

I think that probably the bug is in the X drivers, but i want to know if
someone else has this problem and has a workaround.

Thanks in advance