Bugreport (or atleast inconvenience report :)


three things to report:

  • the SDL_KEYUP doesn’t seem to do the unicode conversion (when SDL_KEYDOWN
    does). If this is intentional, then it isn’t very convenient, as there is
    no easy way to remember the last unicode in the context of simultanuous

  • On window95 osr1 with a voodoo3 latest drivers and SDL 1.1.3, doing

    SDL_SetVideoMode(w, h, 0, SDL_OPENGL|SDL_FULLSCREEN)

    causes 3dfx0gl.dll to crash, which is preceded by:

    WGL Message:WGL: DDraw: Allocate: CreateSurface: DDERROR =

    I temporarily fixed this by running my program from a batch file with:

    set SDL_VIDEODRIVER=windib

  • At some stage it seemed that SDL_MOUSEMOTION events were bounded
    by the screen (which isn’t ideal if you want FPS-style mouselook)
    and using SLD_WarpMouse() isn’t ideal either for a lot of reasons.
    However, I can’t seem to reproduce it at this moment?

Thanks for your efforts with SDL, it is a well designed and useful