Bugzilla has moved

…and when DNS catches up, it should work as before. It’s now hosted on
the same servers that host the rest of libsdl.org (dreamhost.com) so now
everything is in the same place.

Please note that we moved to a newer version of Bugzilla, enabled UTF-8
support, and (ummm…) had some minor database corruption in the old
bugzilla. So if something looks broken, it probably is. Email me and
I’ll fix it.

The biggest issue will probably be user names (not login names) that
have high-ASCII characters in them, since they will be broken in UTF-8
encoding. If you see one (or have one), please let me know and I’ll fix
it…same goes for bug reports, etc that might have a non-English
character. The upside is that going forward, the bugtracker should fully
support Unicode and Internationalized text, but there might be some
existing data that needs to be manually cleaned up.

Also, there is no SSL certificate, so there’s no https:// URL at the moment.

Questions and problems: talk to me.


Hello !

Questions and problems: talk to me.

The speed increase is nice :slight_smile: