Build SDL Android (windows - eclipse / vs)

I am new at Android development and I can’t build my first Android SDL app. I tried to follow this instructions

Copy the android-project directory wherever you want to keep your projects and rename it to the name of your project.

File -> New -> Other -> Android -> Android Project wizard

Select “Create project from existing source” and browse for your project directory

Make sure the Build Target is set to Android 1.6

When I try build my project in eclipse

make all

MAKE Version 5.4 Copyright © 1987, 2009 CodeGear

Fatal: Unable to open makefile

Should I write makefile by myself? Are there any instructions how to make it for SDL android app? Is it possible to build SDL android app in visual studio? Thanks in advance.

Could anyone just give me simple tutorial how to build android app on windows using eclipse or (if possible) visual studio? Does anyone has this kinda experience? Thanks in advance.