Build sdl_image on android issue

I try to build sdl_image to android, but got errors when linking the

Both failed under the windows and macos. Can someone give me the clues to
fix that issue. Thanks a lot.

Compile thumb : SDL2_image <= pngwutil.c
SharedLibrary :
./obj/local/armeabi-v7a/objs/SDL2_image/IMG_webp.o: In function
IMG_InitWEBP': /Users/sanghuacai/sdl/SDL-Android/jni/SDL_image/IMG_webp.c:123: undefined reference toWebPGetFeaturesInternal’
/Users/sanghuacai/sdl/SDL-Android/jni/SDL_image/IMG_webp.c:123: undefined
reference to WebPDecodeRGBInto' /Users/sanghuacai/sdl/SDL-Android/jni/SDL_image/IMG_webp.c:123: undefined reference toWebPDecodeRGBAInto’
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [obj/local/armeabi-v7a/] Error 1

By the way, also failed in build sdl_mixer.

Did you manage to resolve this?

Check “Android Bits” thread.
El 25/04/2014 00:28, “image28” escribi?:> Did you manage to resolve this?

SDL mailing list
SDL at

There is some build issue with libwebp support in current SDL2_image lib, not sure what it is (I’m on Ubuntu).
If you don’t need webp support you can disable it in SDL2_image’s


Or you can copy entire libwebp directory (which is in external/libwebp-0.3.0) to jni directory.

Symlink, i wonder if move, is enough. I wonder if that affects the
application for the space too ;-).

Oh, and check Android Bits thread for more some common oddities :-).