Building SDL 1.2.6 on Win2000

I encountered the following difficulties trying to build SDL 1.2.6:

Visual C++ 7:
“Cannot find afxres.h” in Version.rc. “afxres.h” is a MFC file, and I
don’t have MFC installed. I “fixed” this by commenting out the
include line, as well as the following line 20 (LANGUAGE LANG_ENGLISH,

MinGW (using msys as shell):
The configure script fails to find DirectX and nasm, both of which are
installed. I figure that the latter can be fixed by building and installing
nasm from source with msys, but I’m at a loss for getting DirectX
Rainer Deyke - rainerd at -

Update: SDL without nasm and DirectX build correctly. However, when I
reinstalled nasm to work with MinGW/msys, it broke the build. Error

/bin/nasm -f win32 mmx_main.asm -o .libs/mmx_main.lo
nasm: error: no input file specified–
Rainer Deyke - rainerd at -