Building SDL_ttf on windows 8.1 arm

asdron wrote:

If I will change optimization level of freetype project to O1, dll will be created successfully. I would like to know is there another solution how to fix it?

Hmmm, I thought I had already pushed out a fix for that one. It looks like I hadn’t. Apologies for that! A fix is, however, now available on

The fix you described seems pretty much correct, unfortunately, (changing /O2 to /O1), although the fix appears to be limitable to just one file (Freetype’s autofit.c), and only when building Release + ARM (the bug doesn’t seem to appear on either x86/Win32 or x64 builds). The patch I pushed out keeps this limitation, so most of Freetype + SDL_ttf will continue to build with /O2.

Thanks for the info on this!

– David L.