Bye bye GGI, hello SVGAlib

Since the GGI driver was way out of date, it has been removed from the
code. People who have CVS repositories checked out should get a fresh
copy of the repository.

With the impending release of SVGAlib 1.4 and its new VESA driver, it
becomes almost usable for many people. So, I hacked up a quick driver
SDL using SVGAlib. There are many bugs in SVGAlib, and my driver is
missing some features, so I consider this an Alpha quality driver.

However, if you want to play with it under Linux, download the latest
CVS version of SDL from, the
prerelease version of SVGAlib from,
edit the bottom of the file “SDL/make/linux/functions” and uncomment the
line relating to SVGA, and then ‘make’ away!

BTW, the SDL loader will only load the SVGA library if the DISPLAY
environment variable is not set.

Depending on how the progress of other fullscreen APIs under Linux,
(GGI, MGL, DGA, fbcon) this may or may not ever become an officially
supported driver.

-Sam Lantinga (slouken at

Lead Programmer, Loki Entertainment Software–
“Any sufficiently advanced bug is indistinguishable from a feature”
– Rich Kulawiec