I am looking for a C-GUI on top of SDL. I want to use SDL as a cross platform layer
for an application for PocketPCs and Linux handhelds (like the new Nokia 770 and
the Sharp Zaurus). All of them use their own GUI, so I want to use SDL to simplify the
porting. The licence should be BSD like or LGPL.

I have tested:

  • AGAR: agar.csoft.org - I think it’s more for games, and maybe even a little bit “fat”.
    I have to modify the look & feel a bit. There is documentation missing and there are
    some bugs.
  • libsgui: http://www.blah.ch/libsgui/ - Looks nice, has a small memory footprint but
    there seem to be a lot of bugs. Default font a little bit wired (ok you can use another
    one). Maybe no further development…
  • gtk+ - I use it on the N770. But I think it’s too fat to use it on top of SDL with Pocket

I have also some experience with Qt and Fltk. But Qt’s memory footprint is too fat and
there is no fltk port on top of SDL. I think you can use fltk with SDL, but not fltk on top
of it.

Maybe I missed the right toolkit, I have searched the 2005 SDL’s mailing list, the SDL
lib section and the guitool website.

Thanks in adavance for any help, -Klaus–
Klaus Rotter * klaus rotters de * www.rotters.de