Call native method before OnCreate

I want to do the least amount of modifications in SDL Android project, with the goal being zero modifications. I currently have successfully extended the activity so the proper libraries are loaded and also managed to understand how to pass parameters to main.

But once OnCreate is called, the game already “starts”. But actually, I need to gather some information by calling some native methods from the game before going by it’s main function.

Also, considering I always need to grab my game assets in a separate obb file using a download activity, I wonder if I am doing something wrong because by default SDL activity just starts working.

Do I need to modify my game so main enters some sort of “wait” state until it gets some information? I am using two “screen” activities, one that is shown as a loading screen while assets are being fetched, and once things are good I can switch to calling the game. This currently doesn’t work since SDLactivity starts running main OnCreate.

For now I had to do some fake initialization and used jni to poll the activity class for when things are good, ugly but working.