Can Some People Here Help Test Our Android Game?


We were hoping some people here could do a quick test of our new Android smartphone/tablet game?
Game is live on Google Play at below URL link:

If you really like the game and it works without issues perhaps maybe you could post a little 5-Star review?
I personally spent about $500 on this game for audio/visual resources and advertisements.
Seems like evil player haters are saying the game is broken and are giving it 1-Star reviews.
(game is 100% free open-source - which makes competing money hungry companies mad)

Many thanks in advance!

Jesse "JeZxLee"
Video Game Design Studio

I did, nice game anyway :slight_smile: very addictive but a little bit to difficul for me

Thank you for testing, glad it worked for you!
Hope other people can test and leave nice reviews!