Can windows with SDL_WINDOW_VULKAN flag still be used with SDL_Renderers?


I’m currently trying to make a graphics engine with Vulkan and SDL2 (2.0.20). The original plan was to use SDL to make windows and handle user input, and to use Vulkan for the 3D graphics. But, SDL also supports 2D graphics, using SDL_Renderer, which seems great for drawing the GUI.

Issue is, I have no idea if making a window for use with Vulkan (with the SDL_WINDOW_VULKAN flag) means you can’t use it with an SDL_Renderer, or, if that’s not an issue, what I would need to consider to properly mix 2D and 3D.

SDL_Renderer has no Vulkan backend, so there’s no way to do your own rendering in Vulkan with SDL_Renderer drawing 2D stuff on top of it.