Cannot change Mix_Music volume

Hi, actually I’ve asked this before. But because I still have other things
that need to be worked on, I decided to skip it for later. And now, I
finally decided to ask it again. In my application, I couldn’t set the
volume of the music with Mix_VolumeMusic. Strangely though, not all
computer acts this way. When I tried it with a computer with Sound Blaster
Value sound card, it worked fine. But when I tried it on a computer with
onboard VIA VT1616 6 channel AC’ 97 codec sound card, it didn’t work.

Actually, I can work around this by loading the music as Mix_Chunk rather
than Mix_Music and set the distance of the channel accordingly (I’ve tried
setting the position of sound effects’ channel and it was successful). But
that requires some design changing.

So, before I do it that way, I’m just wondering, is there any other way
which still use Mix_Volume?

Thanks in advance.

Fare thee well,
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