Can't open video error

I got this today:

3.Subject: Circus Linux

4.Message: Hello!

I’m having some problems with getting Circus Linux to run. I downloaded the
SDL files and got them all compiled and installed. Circus Linux compiled
fine too. When I try to run it I get an error that no video device is available.
I checked the SDL web page and they have that error listed:

Q: I get the error: “no video devices available”

if no other drivers are available, it will report this error.
To fix this, set your display environment variable appropriately:
sh: DISPLAY=:0 ; export DISPLAY
csh: setenv DISPLAY :0
If you still have problems, try running xhost + localhost

I tried all of their suggestions and the error still occurs. I’m running
OpenLinux 2.3. A friend who runs Slackware tried it as well and gets a similar

Would you have any idea how to solve it? I thought I’d shoot it past you
first before asking the folks over at the SDL web site.


Any ideas?


-bill!> A: SDL doesn’t use the X11 video driver if it can’t open the X display, and