CD-ROM support and libcdio

I’ve been working on a CD-ROM reading and control library called
libcdio and came across
SDL’s routines which in some ways overlap and are in many ways more

A little about libdio. Originally I was working on VCDImager and
trying to make exportable libraries out of that. One of the chunks
separated of of the vcdimager code was CD reading.

I’m sure before undertaking this I looked around to see if I could
find and use another existing library. I have this vague recollection
of seeing SDL, but its focus seemed on the one hand broader than what
I needed (which was just the CD-ROM support, not joysticks, mice,
keyboard, video) and on the other hand didn’t do what I really needed
which was CD Mode2 Format2 reading needed for Video CD’s.

I see SDL is used by various media players, like xine, mplayer, and
vlc, but each of these in fact has it’s own routines for say,
ejecting a CD from a CD ROM - Sad.

I guess my question is thoughts and comments about the CD portion of
SDL, and thoughts about merging this project with libcdio.