CDROM subsystem not working

I think I just noticed a bug in the CDROM subsystem of SDL.

Some Ubuntu Linux game players playing older games like Quake complained
that the CD Audio was not being played, however their Media Players
(rythmbox) could play the CD Audio.
So I though I should check the SDL system. I did this on a current
version of Ubuntu Hardy and also on an older install of Slackware 11.
Both installs use the 2.6 Kernal. I went to the SDL wiki and copied the
example program on the page into a c file and
compiled it. When it runs it says
Name: /dev/scd0
Tracks: 0
Even though the CD-ROM has 18 tracks.
If I take the CD-ROM out of the drive it says the same thing but
according to the documentation it should come up with an error.

Has anyone else noticed this?

Richard James