Chat excerpt

Drop in the chat room and see if anyone is there if you can, were
getting pretty bored here.

hm, no scheduled chat tonight I gather?
Someone just needs to send a message to the list
well the silence is a good thing I suppose, people are busy
instead of wasting time talking nonsense. :slight_smile:
I think sam is the only one coding, since he never
stops. Everyone else is just lazy
? rhk/#sdl is back
sam can impossibly be a single person
maybe he’s a conglomerate?
I think that sam is the acronym for some kind of AI
project designed to write self propigating computer code
Self Assembling Machinelanguage
SDL = S.A.M.'s Derived Legacy
the world is full of deranged AI projects that went astray
from some labs
now there’s a theme for a new game…
I may add it to my next project
a world full of stray AI projects to hunt down/trap/etc
they keep escaping from labs…
If we ever wanted to play it we should get Bill to code
yup I have great problems containing them
people ask why my firewalls are directed inwards
Hmm, I just realized that was the plot to the Ghost in
the Shell movie
all the good ideas are taken. mostly.
it’s not for keeping hackers out, it’s for keeping the
dangerous AIs in
that’s why hollywood does so many remakes lately.
I’ll practice hunting down and destroying AI’s by ending
netscapes process right now (stupid crash happy


-Sam Lantinga, Lead Programmer, Loki Entertainment Software

No, Sam’s real, just strange.


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