"Checkers Genius"-Please Critique-Windows(R)/Linux

“Checkers Genius”-Please Critique-Windows®/Linux…


I’m currently working on a Checkers game called “Checkers Genius”.
It’s open-source cross-platform & runs on all Windows® and Linux OS’s.
Game uses SDL1.2, SDL_image, SDL_mixer, SDL_ttf, and OpenGL®.

Was hoping some people could try it now and provide some feedback.
Game is a late alpha version and has been thoroughly tested to be stable.
Computer player A.I. is not quite at “genius” level now, but it puts up a good fight.

Official URL To Download Windows® Version:

Official URL To Download Linux Version:
(includes makefile to build on any Linux and complete source code)

Here are some screenshots:
[Image: http://16bitsoft.com/files/CG/images/CG-Title.png ][Image: http://16bitsoft.com/files/CG/images/CG-InGame.png ]

JessePalser <AT> Gmail <DOT> com
Video Game Design Studio

first impressions ( this sort of thing isnt my bag as it were ) is drag and
drop, you can have drag and drop and pik up put down in the same code
without extra options, i have it in my tile based puzzle game.


I played for about half an hour.

The AI is tricky sometimes, and unbelievably easy other times.------------------------
EM3 Nathaniel Fries, U.S. Navy



Thanks to those who played and provided feedback!

URL Link To The Official S.D.L. Forum Post:
(for people reading this in an email)

  • Click&drag would be interesting movement option.
    (I’ll see if I can successfully implement this soon)

  • Computer player A.rtificial I.ntelligence engine is not completed yet.
    (In beginning it plays well, but towards end of game it needs a strategy)

This project is to prepare me for a later attempt at Chess.
(much later - far into future)

Any other comments?
(seems to be bug free and stable on both Windows XP and Ubuntu 11.04)------------------------
JessePalser <AT> Gmail <DOT> com
Video Game Design Studio