Cityscape 0.0.2

in case you’re interested, i have another version of this demo made.
it’s still very buggy… but i finish my degree in two days time, so i
will start working on it a lot more then, i hope… when i finish.

it’s only a win32 version. here is the link:

choose “Save As…” and run it from where you save it. windows isn’t my
mother tongue and i’m not developing it in windows, so please excuse the
clumsiness of it.

if you would like a source tarball, please let me know, and i’ll get it
to you somehow. it’s about 10 meg though.

if you want to help me… then please let me know.

hopefully, soon i should get a CVS repository started on sourceforge or
something. but as (for the moment) my only internet access is still
through university, this is all you get i’m afraid.

please read the readme file before you run it. and don’t go resizing the
window by hand, because it’s not working.

i will fix all these things shortly.


something i overlooked:

try and make sure you have a graphics card, or a fast computer. or it
will run very very s l o w l y.